GMD 3111 disc mower


GMD 3111 disc mower

 GMD 3111 disc mower
 GMD 3111 disc mower


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GMD 3111

Farms that want to successfully run dairy and livestock farming these days are aware of the importance of increasing their profitability. The quality of the forage and the reliability and longevity of a mower play an important role.

Based on these considerations, KUHN developed the GMD 1011 LIFT-CONTROL disc mower. Thanks to the LIFT-CONTROL relief system in conjunction with the NON-STOP collision protection, the mowers adapt to all uneven ground and can avoid an obstacle if they hit it.

This results in considerable savings potential due to lower repair costs while ensuring optimal feed quality.

The GMD 1011 LIFT-CONTROL is available in five versions for tractors from 80 HP.