Giant G5000 (X-TRA) (TELE)


Giant G5000 (X-TRA) (TELE)

Giant G5000 (X-TRA) (TELE)
Giant G5000 (X-TRA) (TELE)


Model / Type
75 HP
5 kg

A new showpiece from Giant, the G5000!

The latest type of Giant, the G5000, is known for its agricultural technology. Technical data are not yet known. What is known is that the machine will weigh 5000kg. This means that the Giant articulated loaders series will be expanded with two larger types, the G3500 (3500kg) and G5000. The largest compact articulated loader at the moment is the V6004T, with its own weight of 3400 kg. The Giant V6004T is therefore canceled.

What we can tell you with certainty is that this machine can be equipped with a tele charger (the Giant G4500 Tele), and with a lowered boom so that more power can be lifted (the Giant G5000 X-tra).

These Giant wheel loaders can reach a driving speed of 35km / h, however this is optional. These shovels achieve a driving speed of 28 km / h as standard. The shovels have 100% switchable locking on both axles, so that with the right tires the shovel has a lot of traction. The 16 ton axles ensure that the machine can handle everything from heavy lifting, sliding and so on.

  • Hydraulics: 145 ltr / min (480 bar) (Row)
  • 80 ltr / min (230 bar) (Working)
  • Transmission: Hydrostatic (4WD)
  • Base: G5000 Series
  • Lifting height: 3,500 mm
  • Lifting force: 2,800 kg
  • Tipping load: 3,340 kg
  • Speed: 0-10 km / h, 0-20 km / h (option increased travel speed 35 km / h) km / h
  • Width: 1,460 mm
  • Weight: 5,000 kg
  • Tires (front): 11.5 / 80-15.3 AS
  • Tires (rear): 11.5 / 80-15.3 AS