Giant G2200E (Electric shovel)


Giant G2200E (Electric shovel)

Giant G2200E (Electric shovel)
Giant G2200E (Electric shovel)


Model / Type

The major differences of an electric shovel compared to a diesel variant are:

  • Affordable driving (probably about 1 euro per running hour of electricity) and less maintenance.
  • There are several subsidies on this shovel, which the diesel variant does not get. Noiseless, you can talk to each other well while working. You cannot refill it as with a diesel. The largest battery lasts up to 8 hours.
  • High torque, even at low speed
  • Giant's electric shovel contains MIA (investment deduction of 36%) and Vamil (depreciating 75% of the investment costs).
  • In some provinces you get extra subsidies (on top of the MIA and Vamil) on an electric shovel. This can quickly reach € 20,000.

An advantage of Giant compared to other brands is that it falls in the MIA Vamil. A second advantage over other brands is that they use the 48V system. Other brands use 270V or even 400V, although these voltages can cause dangerous situations, for example electrocution via a broken cable.

So lower maintenance costs and interesting in terms of purchasing through subsidies.

Charging the battery
Charging the device is possible with the standard charging system that is present on the shovel. Or of course with an external fast charger, which considerably reduces the charging time. With the largest fast charger, the battery of 250Ah and 375Ah is charged within 80 minutes. The largest battery (500Ah) is charged within 1 hour and 30 minutes.