Trailer Primero


Trailer Primero

Trailer Primero Trailer Primero Trailer Primero Trailer Primero
Trailer Primero Trailer Primero Trailer Primero Trailer Primero


233 cm
512 cm
275 cm

The Primero Trailer exceeds all expectations in terms of design and safety. The trailer provides maximum comfort on both short and long distances. Powerful yet elegant. An aerodynamic horse trailer that feels stable on the road. The dynamic design leaves an unforgettable impression. The double-walled Primero Trailer takes safety to a new level with the patented roll bar system. The panoramic windows give the trailer a light interior, making horses easier to load. In addition, this also reduces stress when traveling, so that performance does not suffer from transport.

Carefully selected composite material and stainless steel that are resistant to, among other things, uric acids guarantee the longer life of the horse trailer. Parts that are subject to wear, such as the side walls, can be easily replaced.

The design guarantees years of carefree driving and perfect care on location. Primero is a unique and unparalleled symbol of horse transport.


  • Own weight 990 kg.
  • Total weight 2750 kg.
  • Primero Specifications.

Independent suspension

  • Generous tack room with smart storage options
  • An access door on both sides
  • Integrated safety system; double roll bar
  • Integrated drinking and feeding troughs
  • Hinged windows with ajar position
  • Comfort cushions on side walls and partition
  • Bars for both side windows
  • Front and side windows made of safety glass
  • Panic closure on chest bars
  • Rubber mat on the floor
  • LED-lighting