Horse Gym 2000


 Treadmill  Treadmill
 Treadmill  Treadmill

The Horse Gym 2000 is supported with automatic start-up technology for a clean and clear step and is secured with an automatic monitoring system. The belt can be automatically adjusted in height and you can choose from 9 different computer programs. Speeds for trot and trot are separately adjustable Automatic programming with 4 durations (24, 28, 32 and 36min switchable)

Fully hot-dip galvanized construction

  • Digital display with meter / minute speed indication and time indication
  • 2 lanyards with chest strap and rear bar with quick release
  • Walk and trot separately adjustable
  • 9 programs
  • Automatic height adjustment (max 10 ̊)
  • Different durations
  • Fully automatic surveillance system
  • Entry and exit bridges with side brackets
  • Movable operating platform
  • Research platform

The machine is additionally equipped with a weighing device to weigh the weight of your horses.

Type T2 : maximum speed 25 km/h

Type T2 and T3 : maximum speed 35 km/h

Type G1 : maximum speed 45 km/h